Opponents of SB 202 Continue to Receive False Ratings for Misstatements of the Law

Opponents of Senate Bill 202 (2011 Wisconsin Act 219), which repeals punitive and compensatory damages under the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act, continue to make claims that the law has taken away employees’ rights to sue for employment discrimination.

For the second time, PolitiFact (which is part of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) has determined that this argument is false. The latest PolitiFact false rating was given to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Falk, who said that the Republican Legislature passed a bill that doesn’t allow women to “do something about” pay discrimination.

PolitiFact recently gave Rep. Cory Mason (D-Racine) a “mostly false” rating for saying that SB 202 “repeals a law that ensures men and women get equal pay.”

Apparently opponents of SB 202 believe that if you say something enough times it eventually will come true.


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